dimanche 31 août 2014

Some love and square pictures.

Those are only a few pictures, easy and quick ones that I felt like sharing with you. I've been feeling better this past week, I've been going out, I've been connecting again with myself and focusing on the beautiful and joyful things ; friends, food, fresh air and Paris. I really hope you don't get bored of seeing Paris from every possible angle, I think I'll never get tired of stealing moments and looking at them again and again. I always speak of Paris in a very loving and poetrylike way, but to put it simply and maybe in a more down to earth way as well, it is so important to love where you are, where you live. I know not everyone's lucky enough to feel this way, and I know for sure, that living in my hometown would have me feel ... not as good as I feel here, despite the gloomy weather, the cold, the pollution, the crowded subway and the constant noise when you're on big avenues. I know I could see Paris as a busy, tiring and hostile place if I put myself into this mindset. But first of all, I'm in love with you Paris, and I know you're not a busy and crazy city. And secondly, I've come to learn to look at things differently, and this makes a huge difference. A rainy day used to be a wasted, depressing day, now it's a relaxing, fresh day during which it feels good to go out for a walk and listen to the drops falling on the leaves of the tree. A sunny day would be a bit too hot, but now it's amazing to sit in the grass or walk along the river. Having to be out early was annoying, now I breathe in clean air and enjoy the silence of the streets or the pinkish tone of the sky. I'm able to appreciate all the different faces of the city, the different neighbourhoods, the different atmospheers and I'm always looking for new places to fall in love with, new buildings to be amazed at, new streets to wander in, new parks to read in, new shops to enter, new cafes to try and new people to meet and talk to. 
When I was feeling so down and broken, back into some old patterns of not enough sleep, no will to do anything, no energy to pick up the phone or bite into anything, when all I could do was sigh and cry and feel so tired that I couldn't even rest, there was however one thing that eased my pain and put my heart at peace for a while. And that was the beauty of Paris. Untouched, perfect and safe from any pain. It was calm and soft, delicate and light. I remember walking back home after a 10kms run, and the sun was shinning so gently through the leaves, creating some beauty marks on the haussman buildings, I could hear children scream in the square on my right, and on my left this metropolitain sign, a picture in motion. A gift, I couldn't help but think, a gift I'm grateful for. To be able to see the beauty of things, the beauty of a place to feel this beauty. And for a moment, as long as I waas out, into you Paris, I felt alright. 
It's a two persons job, it's up to you being the beautiful always perfect city and me, opening my eyes and my heart a bit more everyday, learning to embrace life and that even when all I would like to do is shut down everything and everyone, close myself to everything. 
The way you look at things and people doesn't only say a lot about you, it does have an impact on what happens to you, it does have an impact on how you feel and what your life is like. It's worth working on it, it's worth training your heart and brain to seek the light, the joy and the love in everything, at anytime.

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  1. Dear Emy...I know what you're talking about. Paris is just wonderful and such a good medecin for heart-break. Take care and hope you get better soon!

  2. I'm watching your youtube videos for quite some time, although i never comment, but today i ran into your blog, i saw these photos and read this stunningly written text, and couldn't resist to write you couple of words. You are beautiful person, you have the gift to touch what is the nicest and deeply human in every single being. You know how to make your life worth seeing, and to bring the same possibility to the others. It's rare and beautiful gift. When everything else in your life becomes grey and desperate, just remember that.

  3. My family and I just returned from Paris, having visited for the first time. It is truly the most incredible place in the world, and we fell in love with the city. Anytime my wife and I are feeling a little bit down, we simply have to think back to our week there, and evrything is healed. Through your videos and blog, you are a fitting ambassador for your wonderful city. In addition, you are truly an incredible person, truly captivating inside and outside. Your command of the English language is better than that of a native, and you're only 22! You live in the greatest city in the world, (à mon avis) and you are a strong and inspirational person who should never compromise on your beliefs and feelings. You have proven this time and time again. You stay true to who you are, and the world loves you for it. If my wife and I had a daughter, we would want her to be just like you. No matter how bad things may be, your soul shines brighter than the sun. Incidentally, we, too, have seen you in a Google App 'Dreams' television commercial here in the US. It airs during Sunday football games at least 3 or 4 times. Millions upon millions of US TV viewers see your happy face saying 'Okay. Bonjour! Enchantée!" spreading more of that positivity and soulshine that is Emy. Thank you, and God bless.

  4. Hi! I happened to bumped into your Youtube channel because I wanna learn how to speak French. And because right now, I'm reading Stephanie Perkins' Anna & the French Kiss, I sooooo want to go to Paris someday and I love you for posting photographs of the lovely place. I LOVE your blog! So much! And I'll watch more of your videos. Your such a beautiful person!

  5. I'll never get bored of seeing Paris. You take magnificent photos.